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With Sunway, discover and explore a world of magnificence and magic under the guidance of Tommaso Pantè.

Allow me to introduce myself and Sunway. My name is Tommaso Pantè, and I am an experienced, fully licensed Tour Guide & Tour Escort/Manager. After years of living abroad and guiding tours around the world, I returned to my native Sicily. My dream was to lead tours promoting Sicily: its tumultuous history, its diverse cultures, its unique archeological ruins, and its delicious foods and wines.

My dream became a reality in establishing Sunway over a decade ago. Since then, Sunway has prospered through increased associations with local, national, and international clients and organizations. Today Sunway specializes in leading tours not only in Sicily but also throughout mainland Italy and to many international sites for well-known, well-respected tour operators. Sunway strives to provide individuals or groups with exceptional services.

In addition, holiday apartments are offered at Villa Greca (Villa Greca) on the island of Salina, a convenient base for exploring the other Aeolian Islands, and at Casetta Rosetta (Casetta Rosetta) in Milazzo, the major port for travel to the Aeolian Islands.

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Casetta Rosetta


A Holiday in Sicily! Now you must find an affordable accommodation in a location that provides you and your family or friends with comfort and convenience. Do you want to live like Sicilians and be as close to the local culture as possible? To go to nearby  markets, shops, and bakeries? To eat in small, family-run restaurants? To tour cultural and historical sites in the area?

If you answered “Yes,” then Casetta Rosetta (1-3 guests) in Milazzo is an ideal choice. The name of this newly renovated apartment both describes and honors. First, Casetta Rosetta means “little pink cottage” in Italian, which accurately describes the color of the private residence where the apartment is located and the apartment’s compactness. Second, the name Rosetta also means “Little Rosa” and honors the maternal grandmother of the proprietor, Tommaso Pantè.

To view photos and specific information about the apartment, click Casetta Rosetta. Then scroll down below the information on Villa Greca.

Villa Greca: Apartments


Wake up! Your holiday at Villa Greca is beginning. Sip your espresso and eat your brioche on the terrace or the veranda of your apartment as you view the sunny blue sky and the bright blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Plan your day on Salina, one of the loveliest and quietest of the seven Aeolian Islands. Perhaps you will choose to relax in a hammock or to explore the many adventures on the island or on nearby islands. Whether enjoying il dolce far niente ("the sweetness of doing nothing") or being adventurous, you will likely end the day where you began. As you contemplate the beauty of the sunset, raise a glass of Malvasia, the world-renowned wine produced on Salina, say "Cin, Cin" ("Cheers"), and toast the glorious end of your first day with the anticipation of more at Villa Greca.

Villa Greca is located on the island of Salina in the small fishing village of Malfa. In antiquity, this second largest of the Aeolian Islands was named Didmyme ("Twins"). Its current name Salina actually comes from the salt mines that once were of economic importance to the island.

Today Salina can easily be reached by hydrofoil (1 1/2 hours) or by ferry (3 hours) from the busy port of Milazzo on the mainland of Sicily. From a distance, you will easily recognize Salina's distinctive two-humped profile. After arrival at the port of Santa Marina, the 15-minute ride on a beautiful, winding coastal road -- on the local bus, in an automobile, on a motorbike, or in a taxi -- will carry you to Villa Greca [GPS: latitude 38.579674N; longitude 14.833964E]. Now you are ready to begin your incredible holiday!