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Plan Now – Book Soon – Enjoy Later!

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Plan Now - Book Soon - Enjoy Later!

For Tourists:

Are you planning a trip to Sicily by yourself or with family, friends, or colleagues? Or is your cruise ship stopping at the ports of Messina, Catania, Taormina-Giardini Naxos, or Lipari? Perhaps you would like to explore one or more of the Aeolian Islands? Regardless of when or where you arrive or how long you visit, you want to take advantage of every opportunity. You definitely want to participate in as many Sicilian experiences as possible.

Follow these steps, and Sunway assures a memorable trip for everyone:

(1) Consider important details. Are your departure and return dates set? How long will you be in Sicily? Do you need hotel or B & B accommodations during your trip? Would you prefer traveling in an automobile or a van? Perhaps the most important, what is your travel budget?

(2) Decide on your interests. Do you like to tour historical, cultural, or religious sites? Do you like cooking classes or wine tastings? Do you like walking through gardens and parks, learning about flora and fauna? Do you like hiking? Do you like shopping for yourself, your home, or your business?

(3) Read about Popular Excursions offered through Sunway. Furthermore, realize that customized itineraries can also be created. Through Tommaso Pante’s professional associations with licensed tour organizers and with their cooperation and assistance, you and Tommaso and the tour organizer can design an Excursion to suit individual or group preferences.

(4) Now you are ready to contact Tommaso Pantè by telephone or email (Contact Me) to discuss preferences, schedules, costs, and any other concerns. If you have read earlier information on this website (About Me), you know that you are dealing with an experienced and fully licensed guide. This native Sicilian, fluent in English and four additional languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian), always works hard to provide superior services to everyone.

(5) If you are responsible for carrying your own luggage when you visit Sicily, remember Tommaso’s best advice: “Do not overpack, for Sicily has many steps!”

(6) Remember when you arrive, plan to become “temporarily Sicilian”! Why? To insure that you experience la dolce vita (“the sweet life”) throughout your Sicilian adventures.

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For Tour Operators:

As noted earlier in Welcome to My World!, Sunway specializes in leading tours throughout Italy and to many international destinations for well-known, well-respected tour companies. Please contact Tommaso Pantè (Contact Me) to discuss specific tours that your company would like him to lead. Furthermore, he can provide you with references that can attest to his superior skills as a Licensed Tour Guide and International Tour Escort/Manager.